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  1. Randall Haskell Jamie Hanson 11-Nov-2014
  2. Runs like never before Jamie Hanson 11-Nov-2014
  3. Pizza or Beers Jamie Hanson 11-Nov-2014
  4. Thank You from Goose Kevin Rydberg 26-May-2011
  5. Thank You and God Bless You Kevin Rydberg 09-Mar-2010

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Customer Comments

Randall Haskell

Hello, I just wanted to brag about the service I received on my 2011 Road Glide Custom this weekend at the Thunder Beach Rally. I wanted to have my bike dynoed so I stopped by your both and talked to a couple of the service techs there. I explained the problem That I have been having with my bike for the last year and a half and how I have had the motor company look at it 4 times and I still continued to have problems. So they talked me into installing thrie tuner and air cleaner and placing the bike on the dyno, I was a little nervous about having this work performed but the guys assured me that they could fix the problem my bike was having when the bike was hot. They completed the work and I went on a 127 mile ride down the coast. I was amazed at how my bike performed and all of the problem I had were gone. My bike has never performed the way it does now. A big shout out to the guy that were at the Thunder Beach Rally, they made a believer out of me and now you have a customer for live. Craig

Runs like never before

I wanted to thank you guys for doing a great job. Knowing that you have the expertise and parts on hand and as far as I’m concerned ,a great reputation. I’ve watched and spoke with you @ several venues throughout the past years and am certainly very happy with the results . After having my cams changed to gear drive /new oil pump/lifters /dyno. and now having  peace of mind after seeing what the lifters, oil pump and chain tensioners really looked like after about 25-30,000 miles . Now after  3 days of running 100 miles + per day @ Panama City Beach  ,I will say the old 88 fat-boy runs like never before .

Thank you very much .


Pizza or Beers

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Jamie, and Jason.


Thank you for the expect work you performed on my EVO.  The bike runs great.... And I appreciate the efforts it took to work me in the line of repairs.  My apology to the tech who did my plug change for all the "extra" crap he had to take off to get to the plugs.


I owe the entire crew a beer or pizzas, ribs or something,,,,,,,, so see you in Daytona in March.  Have a safe and happy winter and holiday season.


Best Regards,


Dusty Wolf, CPM

President, C.O.O.

Centra Partners, LLC

Thank You from Goose

I wanted to take the time to tell you THANK YOU after meeting all of you in Myrtle Beach last week.
My name is "Goose" and I rode the Kawasaki Concours you guys put on the Dyno on Sunday the day you were packing foir the next show.
After the tune I was even more impressed with you operation, talent and expertise.  I really hope Jason and Thumper will get a chance to read this because they are the two I got to know for a short time.  I must say Thumper is a great asset to Speedy's and loves what he does.  Wish I had more time to talk with him.  I am sure he is full of great stories and fun.

As for Jason words cannot describe what this guy can do.  I will try though.  Meeting him on Saturday and talking about my bike there was a level of expertise above none.  Professional, caring, funny, happy, excited to help are just a few.  I was with 2 other riders and we were all in ah over what he knew and was doing.  It was a no-brainer that I wanted him to tune by bike before I left on Sunday.  We meet on Sunday and he started is magic. 

I found out he was just doing me a favor on Sunday because they were packing to go to the next show.  He and all the others did  not have to do that and 2 hours later words cannot express how I felt and my bike was.  Jason explained he is 3rd generation of tuning and it truly shows.  I can only say he is amazing at what he does and cares about his work AND cares for riders like me.  Jason a special thank you for your talent you showed me tuning my bike.
Apon arriving home myself and my 2 buddies meet our group on Monday night.  Explaining my expierence to them had their mouth watering.  The others who did not go are waiting on the chance to see you at another show and have their bike done.  In life many time we spend money for things.  Spending $300 with you was some of the best money I have ever spent.  As bike lovers fall in love with thier bikes I have fell in love with my bike even more thanks to Jason and the crew.
I wish you all well and I know success will continue with the talent you have on that truck.  Thumper you be safe in the winter months on your travels.  Jason again thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!
Safe travels for all of you and I will see you in the future.  Please try to let Thumper and Jason see this note.  A hand shake and pat on the back just did not seem enough to do for them.

Terry Moore "Goose"

Thank You and God Bless You

Thanks for getting me and my bike back to Ohio, you changed my heat sensor, and tuned my old road king. She's running better than ever and was a real joy to ride the 1200 miles home, thank you and God Bless you!


Thanks! My bike runs great

All I can think to say is WOW!!! and Thank You. After you put the Power Commander on and dyno-tuned my '07 Road King in Fayetteville the bike just runs awesome!!!
Thanks again,
David Berry


I must say I was a bit leary of stopping by a trailer that only is in town a couple days a year for the Laughlin run to have my HD worked on, but my "new to me" V rod was in need of some help and a few locals had mentioned that it may be worth my time to check you guys out.

Since your dyno tune the bike has NEVER ran so good since I’ve owned it!!! No more fuel stink while idling at stop lights and I’ve been netting over 41mpg with the bike. Even saw 42 on a 150 mile cruise last weekend. 800 miles on the oil and NO fuel smell.

I can’t thank you guys enough!! It was a pleasure to talk with you and get your opinion on what to do to make my Vrod owning experience even better. I WILL be getting a Power Commander installed, but will most likely "limp" my current set up (rev-tec dfo) through to next year so I can have you do the install/tune.

While you were working on my bike Ken (if I remember correctly) from Dyno Jet Research was there.... he definately said Wayne was "the man" for working on the FI bikes. That made me feel even better.

Thanks for the great service and I look forward to seeing you next year!

Jay Waxler
Ft. Mohave, AZ

Hello to the whole Speed’s crew…

I would just like to start by saying thanks to EVERYONE on the Speed’s crew for ALL of the amazing things you do and products you develop to help “Speed Freaks” like me to go faster.

Keep up the great work...YOU GUYS KICK ASS!  I also have a couple of questions for you.  First, I noticed on your site where you have a Tennessee location and I was wondering if you could tell me where this location is at? 

I live in Northwest, TN and I am hoping you are located somewhere close to me because I would love to come visit you guys and see how fast you can make my 2008 Street Glide...look forward to talking to you in the near future and hopefully come up with a plan for making some KICK-ASS horsepower on my 2008 Street Glide.

Thanks again very much,
Bryant Brown

To say I’m happy would be an understatement

I just put on the speedy flow along with a thunderslide kit. To say I’m happy would be an understatement. I read your articles in Iron Works and also switched to synthetic oil.

Combine all this with the 2 into 1 pipes I put on, and it’s hard to believe it’s the same bike. I’m saving up now for a stage 3 kit. Keep the great articles coming.
Jim Backus

You Guys Rock!

You guys were at my gas station in Belvidere Illinois the other day (Murphy USA) and the guys were very nice…

You guys ROCK!

Nice To Have Met Them!