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I must say I was a bit leary of stopping by a trailer that only is in town a couple days a year for the Laughlin run to have my HD worked on, but my "new to me" V rod was in need of some help and a few locals had mentioned that it may be worth my time to check you guys out.

Since your dyno tune the bike has NEVER ran so good since I’ve owned it!!! No more fuel stink while idling at stop lights and I’ve been netting over 41mpg with the bike. Even saw 42 on a 150 mile cruise last weekend. 800 miles on the oil and NO fuel smell.

I can’t thank you guys enough!! It was a pleasure to talk with you and get your opinion on what to do to make my Vrod owning experience even better. I WILL be getting a Power Commander installed, but will most likely "limp" my current set up (rev-tec dfo) through to next year so I can have you do the install/tune.

While you were working on my bike Ken (if I remember correctly) from Dyno Jet Research was there.... he definately said Wayne was "the man" for working on the FI bikes. That made me feel even better.

Thanks for the great service and I look forward to seeing you next year!

Jay Waxler
Ft. Mohave, AZ