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  1. Andrea Willingham Jamie Hanson 13-Apr-2016
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  3. Jon Jamie Hanson 25-Aug-2015
  4. Paul Fries Jamie Hanson 25-Aug-2015
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Speed’s Services

Our shop and mobile dyno center are designed to offer complete performance services. This includes performance product installation and chassis dyno tuning. The parts we carry are items from the top manufacturers. Please call for a complete listing of products for your motorcycle.

Product Installation and Sales

We carry only high-performance parts and accessories. Before we install any product, Speed's will generally test the item or have it on their own bikes first. We recommend only the best in accessories that have been proven to be very effective. Speed’s offers these same high quality custom parts online! Check out the products to purchase everything from Speed’s Custom Crank Vents to Speed’s Speedy Flow air cleaners and much more.  We also offer complete Speed’s Motor packages and even install them right at the events. If you do not see something on the site you wish to purchase, just call one of the guys I am sure they can find it for you. 

Power Commanders/Power Vision

We install Dynojet Power Commanders for fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We have found that they work well with stage 1, 2, or 3 Harley Kits, but we are always searching for new ways to add performance to any customers motorcycle. We are also now adding a Teflon coating to the manifold, which should help the air fuel mixture flow even smoother through the heads and produce even better performance yet. As developments come along we will add updates and let you know where the results are.  The Power Vision is the most powerful and quickest flash tune device on the planet.  We will flash your current Power Vision with one of our custom maps from our vast library, or a Dynojet preconfigured map.  We can also mount the system on your motorcycle if you wish to view real time running conditions such as MPG or any other display you choose. 

Dyno Tuning

Speed’s Performance Plus is a certified Power Commander Fuel Injection Tuning Center. Our mobile dyno center is custom designed around Dynojet’s Model 250 Chassis Dynamometer. This industry standard dyno is the ultimate tool for performance tuning and diagnostic testing. It allows us to identify areas of performance loss, tune motorcycles to achieve maximum horsepower from the stock components, and adjust carburetion and fuel injection when adding aftermarket products.

Services Performed:

Speed’s offers the best fuel injection tuning with tuning link technology. Speed’s offers this service in the Speed’s Performance Plus Center — your official dyno tuning center and fully customized shop on wheels.

Custom Bike Projects

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